The Story So Far...

Rob Harris started OverKast in late 2006 in the Portland area. After playing extensively there and doing some travel with the band, he moved the band to the Seattle area for the 2nd version of OverKast. They have shared the stage with many as well as fitting in radio spots and playing TV shows and headlining festivals. After much performing & great memories, the band came to a close in early 2011 while recording the next album ("Through All This") . Rob has brought it back from the dead with new members and a new focus for OverKast 3.0!

In 2017 the band achieved that long hoped for dream and signed to Boat Rocker & Right cut records!  The 2009 Debut album "Rize" has been re-issued with an unreleased song, And the 2010 unfinished album "Through All This" is now out and available online at many retailers! Along with material already waiting in the wings for the next album (with tracking to begin in 2018) let the face rocking begin! OverHeads Unite!

The Kast!

Boat Rocker Records - Right Cut Records Recording Artist