Break The Cycle
You say you'll take me down again  
I tell you now this is your end  
Your poison runs in my veins  
Telling your lies I took your blame  
But I will break away  
I'm not your soul to claim 
I'm not yours, Not anymore 
You've made me feel emptiness  
That cold numb pain I'll not miss  
Eternal love has me on the mend  
I tell you now this is your end  
I'm not yours  
Not anymore


We Will Remember:  
Every day is harder to survive  
Any mission given they may not be back alive  
Fighting for justice, for peace and our homes  
Let’s show 'em that we care and that we know  
We have freedom, by their blood we stand  
We have to honor them defending our land  
We are the ones they're out there dying for  
Suffering, fighting through these wars  
And we will remember you and all you do  
and all you've been through  
They lay their heads down to rest at night  
And hold their families love deep inside  
Holding on while their friends are giving their lives  
Our prayers are with you to come home alive


Overrun by all these lies  
Memories I've lost inside  
Going numb to the voice denied  
Haunting pages from my history  
Are staring back at me  
Oh the darkness closing in  
Looking For my soul to win  
I feel so hollow now  
Locked in this cage, let me out  
Can anyone hear me shout?  
Feel all alone life in doubt  
Need to see what I’m all about  
Like a winter chill in the breeze  
Heart froze away inside of grief  
I reach out for you  
Show me the truth 
I reach out to you  
Show me the truth


The Edge:

Walking the ledge of insanity  
My world was shaken to its core  
This place had me on my knees  
I couldn’t take it anymore  
I tried living my way  
Built my house on shifting sands  
I don’t like where it takes me  
This life is out of hand  
I went numb to everything  
I Felt so hollow, my actions dirty  
So many questions, I’m missing something  
If I close my eyes, what does tomorrow bring  
I’ve been to the edge and back  
& I’ve seen it’s my faith that I lack  
I tried living my way  
Your heart was breaking everyday  
I don’t like where I stand  
My life is in your hands 


Flowing from evil the words he’ll say  
You’ll never be anything, why not wither away  
Mentally you’re being drowned every minute of everyday  
Let the spirit inside consume, he will show you the way  
Somewhere deep inside of you beyond the fear  
There’s a still small voice trying to draw near  
Time to rise (time to rise, it’s time to open your eyes)  
Oh if you’re seeking you will find (Let’s rise)  
Time to rise (time to rise, it’s time to open your eyes)  
Take up your cross; you know the time is right to rise  
If the eyes of the soul are truly opened  
Then the spirit, it will come alive 
Your past is forgiven & it’s freed from your mind  
And your heart is unveiled to forever and it’s time  
Take hold, and never fear  
It won’t be long, let’s rise out of here 



Shattered pieces lie broken all around 
My heart felt scattered, bleeding on the ground  
There were hopes & dreams I once pursued  
Then addiction took hold, I lost what was true  
Everything I’d lived for was all for selfish gain  
All that I was finding, loneliness & pain  
I was worn and tired & then I heard him speak  
Come all who are weary you will find the rest you seek  
The stillness was calling my name  
I decided to listen; Never been the same  
I believe in what I can’t see  
I can feel you here and I know that you’re guiding me  
I believe in all you said you would be  
You are my everything from now through eternity  
So many memories, held on to so much hurt  
Thought I knew what faith was; now I’m not so sure  
Been given the gift of life dying to feel alive  
But it was there in death that I found my life  
This yoke is easy and this burden is light  
He hung on a cross, poured out love to give you life  
Everyone’s so frightened about their dying day  
If you believe you’ll have life behind the grave 


Collide With Me:  
I am here a long way from home  
So far away, I’ve tried this on my own  
Many things, so much denied  
Deep inside myself I have lied  
And I collide, oh I crumble  
On this road back to you I stumble  
In this life I live I need to be humble  
These images that passed through my mind  
Forced me to fall away from my life  
I step forward then I run right back  
Inside there’s nothing good as I collapse 


I’ve made mistakes all through my life  
Not really knowing what’s going on inside  
I’ve said some things, I never should’ve said  
But you’ve stood beside me, no matter what I did  
Even though I couldn’t see you standing there  
I could feel you with me everywhere  
Sometimes I can’t see what you see in me  
Somehow you always know what I need  
Fear & doubt can roll over me  
But this overwhelming love is all I see  
I do believe I’ll never be alone again  
You’ll always be here with me till the end  
I will never turn my back or walk away  
My heart is yours you have my love always  
When I fall away you carry me  
With you in my life I am complete 


I see you crying on the inside  
I know you’re out there hiding, don’t lie  
When that door slammed shut you lost it all  
Now it’s over headed for the fall  
Well you’re dying of a broken heart  
You feel so unwanted now  
This life is spinning losing you somehow  
Still what you lost it can be found  
This was everything that you’ve ever known  
Not sure what to do now out here on your own  
The thought of death consumes I can see it in your eyes  
So much to live for, so much life  
It’s time to heal  
Come alive and feel 


Want You To Know:  
With wounded heart you hide behind all your walls  
The way I made you feel, who am I to judge you at all?  
I should have known, I should have seen it in your eyes  
It must have felt like I was the devils hand in disguise  
I need your forgiveness  
And I’m sorry for the way I’ve been  
I need for you to hear this  
And I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said  
What can I say, what can I do to take this hurt away from you  
I care about you more than you may ever know 
Only way to heal now is to let it go  
I want you to know that I see  
What you mean to me  
Your worth is more than silver and gold  
Open up to love, let it out, and let it go 


Break The Walls:  

Over time I had grown so cold  
So young in life yet always felt so old  
Sometimes I feel like the only one  
Covering all these scars, hiding from the son  
Rebuild me; teach me how to love again  
Rebuild me; teach me how to live again  
Break the walls away from my heart  
Take all this bitterness inside  
Break the walls away from my heart  
Destroy the darkness, there’s nowhere to hide  
Every angry word that was spoken to me  
Helped build a wall so high I couldn’t see  
This hurt and loneliness I knew too well  
What the meaning of love was I couldn’t tell 


All this time spent searching for myself  
The voices in my head said I was someone else  
There was a time in faith when I would look above  
But strong is the world that had stolen my love  
All my obsessions had taught me a lesson  
Then I found the truth, after my confessions  
I’ve been reborn, this burden is lighter  
Walked through the flames, my heart is on fire  
Through my life I thought that I could go alone  
All that I had learned was through a broken home  
I drowned in my despair in a world so far away  
Living behind my mask, numb beyond the pain  
All my obsessions had taught me a lesson  
Then I found the truth, after my confessions  
Talk is empty behind undriven faith  
Walk back to grace where you can be safe 


Can’t Fake This
With every breath I take  
I just can’t fake this anymore  
I’ve lost the joy and peace in my life  
With everything I hate  
It’s just heartache that I make  
I’m held captive by these lies  
I don’t want to live this fake life anymore  
I’m so sick of feeling this way (Save Me)  
All of this laziness  
Holds me back from what I could be  
I’ve come to see the real enemy, the enemy is me 

I don’t want to live this fake life anymore  
I’m so sick of feeling this way (Save Me)  
I don’t want to live this fake life anymore  
No longer will I fight this change (Take Me) 
I’m the proud owner of nothing  
Searching for the upside of down  
I am calling through this bloodshot soul  
Pull me out of this hole 


Engraved (Featuring Tayla):  
Well I’ve wandered so far down this road  
Sometimes I don’t know where I should go  
I am a stranger here no home to call my own  
Feels like no one cares, I’m out here all alone  
But you have not forgotten me; I’m part of your plan  
You engraved me in the palm of your hand 
Even if I were the only one  
I know for me you still would have come  
To save my soul and make me whole  
You would leave the 99 to bring me home  
At times I don’t feel so worthy of your love  
Don’t have much to offer you, could never do enough  
In this world, so many paths to stumble down  
Feels like no one cares, it’s like I’m not around  
And for everyone everywhere great or small  
We’ll give you everything, cause you gave it all 


Live Forever:  
In so many ways on so many days   
This world tries to pull me down   
It shows me things that are hard to turn away   
All these temptations leading me around   
Just when I think my strength is failing me   
I have a promise that sets me free   
No matter what this life may bring   
I know I will live forever   
Because of love I can truly sing   
I know I will live forever   
Don’t ever listen to what they say   
The truth is out there don’t let it slip away   
Sometimes it seems all hope is lost   
You have to scream to get a message across   
Just when I think my strength is failing me   
I have a promise that sets me free   
Feeling the spirit around I take it in   
Breaking through all the lies, with the truth I’m livin 


End Of Days
I can feel it in the air  
The smell of death is everywhere  
Up above me torn is the sky  
The end is here it’s time to fly  
These are the end of days  
I’ll fly away  
Everything around me is falling away  
Can’t run and hide from this day  
We were warned that this day would come  
Whispers from above our world is done  
Listen to the marching  
Look up to the sky

Boat Rocker Records - Right Cut Records Recording Artist